The Aventis Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. We have founded a research award for postdoctoral researchers in the field of life sciences, to help them successfully establish themselves in their academic field, pursue innovative approaches and boost their chances of gaining full professorship.

We want to provide individual support to talented researchers, enable them to conduct their own independent research and encourage them to pursue bold and unconventional ideas.

Each Aventis Foundation Postdoctoral Award is endowed with a subsidy amount of € 100,000.

For 2020, the Foundation will select up to three winners. The awards will be given to young academics with a doctorate or habilitation, junior professors and tenure- track-professors or research group leaders who aim for an academic career but do not yet hold full and permanent professorship. The award specifically promotes innovative approaches in life sciences: biochemistry, biology, chemistry, medicine, pharmaceutical studies – each of which may be combined with mathematics and IT.

Each year’s awards will be granted in cooperation with scientific institutions like universities and research institutes. For 2020, the Foundation will partner with these universities: Goethe University Frankfurt, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Technical University Darmstadt and Heidelberg University. Accordingly, researchers employed by these universities will be eligible to apply for the award this year.

You can download information about the Award here.