14th March 2023

Outstanding research

Frank Biedermann, winner of the Life Sciences Bridge Award 2021, was awarded an ERC grant. He is a junior research group leader at KIT and his field of research is the development of supramolecular chemosensors to complement immunosensors, PCR, and mass spectrometry in order to rapidly detect parameters of human metabolism. In his “SupraSense” project, he aims to develop highly specific yet easy-to-manufacture sensors, so-called “SupraSensors”, for medical diagnostics. For these projects, Dr. Biedermann will receive around 2 million euros from the ERC over the next five years.

Frank Biedermann: Constructor of Chemosensors

Philipp Vollmuth, winner of the Life Sciences Bridge Award 2020, has been awarded one of the endowed professorships of the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation. The associated funding of one million euros over ten years enables him to devote half of his working time to his scientific projects. The neuroradiologist heads the Computational Neuroimaging Section at Heidelberg University Hospital. Using artificial intelligence (AI), he researches and develops innovative solutions to help physicians assess diagnostic imaging in a meaningful and time-saving way.

Philipp Vollmuth: Precision diagnostics for tumor patients

Christoph Kuppe, winner of the Life Sciences Bridge Award 2022, has also received an endowed professorship from the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation – for new systems biology approaches to the study of kidney disease. Kuppe is a group leader at the RWTH Institute for Experimental Internal Medicine and Systems Biology and a senior physician at RWTH Aachen University Hospital. Chronic kidney disease is a problem for healthcare systems worldwide. Kuppe and his team are investigating new pathophysiological principles on disease mechanisms of chronic kidney disease. The goal is to develop new therapies using new patient-centered methods.

Christoph Kuppe: Cartographer of Hearts and Kidneys