31st January 2019

Prof. Dr. Günther Wess

Why found yet another science award? Because by creating this award, the Aventis Foundation gets the chance to promote both research and talent, and to promote them according to our own ideas.  

We want to support the most promising research talents in a way that is both unbureaucratic and flexible. We want the resources to really get to the laboratories, and we want a certain part of the subsidies to go directly to the award winners as a sort of personal reward. We want to venture beyond the beaten tracks of traditional research and encourage young researchers to apply to our program with innovative and unconventional ideas. The Life Sciences Bridge Award is designed to help them jump-start their academic careers. After all, they are the future of cutting-edge research.

The Aventis Foundation wants to thank the Goethe University Frankfurt for its cooperation and support in this first round of awards. We hope that the first campaign will be a great success, so that we can expand the reach of the award program geographically as well as financially in the years to come – and establish a prestigious science award. I am very excited about this, and really looking forward to the applications!


Prof. Dr. Günther Wess

Aventis Foundation

Chairman of the Board of Trustees