18th December 2023

Research and commitment

Microbiologist Prof. Inga Hänelt received the “Scientist of the Year” award from the Alfons and Gertrud Kassel Foundation 2023, endowed with 25,000 euros, for her outstanding research and her strong commitment to promoting young talent.

Hänelt was already honored with the Life Sciences Bridge Award by the Aventis Foundation in 2019.

Survival of bacteria
The Heisenberg Professor at the Institute of Biochemistry at Goethe University Frankfurt was honored for her contribution to understanding the processes that enable bacteria to survive under various stress conditions. Her multi-award-winning work is highly regarded both nationally and internationally and has been published in the most prestigious scientific journals.

Committed promotion of young scientists
In the laudatory speech at the award ceremony at Goethe University Frankfurt, Hänelt’s working group praised the commitment of her mentor, who is committed to the further education of young researchers far beyond her own group.
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